Trip • the • Fan

/trip, thə, fan​​/

collective noun MUSIC INDUSTRY

1. An essential component in running your music business.

2. Fans who are dedicated to supporting artists.

Our Background

Trip the Fan is a music management and services firm striving to make being a business better for artists, and to help them make experiences for their fans. We started as a couple of people trying to help local artists look cool online. In 2018, we officially formed an LLC and took on our first client.

Since then, Trip the Fan has helped our artists find & connect with their audience, develop businesses around their music, and build relationships in the music community. Along the way we've grown our team, expanded our services, and made some great friends.

What sounds do we like?

We like a lot of sounds but we particularly like

The People

Levi Mason

He/ They

Founder/ Music Manager

Ciara Walker

They/ Them

Partner/ Visual Designer

Danny Hulsey

He/ Him

Partner/ Music Manager

Bailey Lev

She/ Her

Artist Manager

About the Name

You know that feeling of happiness and relaxation you get after a big holiday meal, even though you're also feeling a bit sleepy? That's partly because of an amino acid called tryptophan in the turkey. It helps create serotonin, a hormone that makes us feel good. So, even though it can make us a little tired, we still enjoy it because of that feel-good factor.

Running a music business can be just as overwhelming as eating too much turkey. With so many different platforms to manage and ways to make money, it can be hard to focus on the creative side. That's where Trip the Fan comes in. We created our business to make it easier for artists to connect with their fans and manage their business without getting bogged down by all the details. It's been five years since we started, and we're still focused on that one goal: helping artists make more feel-good moments with their music.